Meet Emanda Robles

By Day, Emanda is a Learning Consultant for one of the world's leading Fortune 50 companies. And with over two decades of combined experience working in Supervisory, Legal, and Training Development roles; she is no stranger to working with clients of varying personalities, temperaments, and tastes.

Emanda's true passion lies with any and all things DIY and Crafting. Her creative eye and never-ending "I Can Make That!" mantra has been responsible for countless Centerpiece arrangements, handmade invitations, and 360 degree decorations that leave guests in awe (seriously...she's been known to EVEN decorate the bathrooms).  

Lovingly nicknamed "The Black Martha Stewart" by some, the driving force behind Emanda's love for DIY is to demolish the idea that you can't have a stunning event because of budget limitations.

Full of limitless ambition and not one to listen to anyone saying: "It can't be done", Emanda is the Creative Partner who will grab you by the hand and say, "You want the moon and stars??? Let's go get them!"

A wife and mother, Emanda's "Let's make it happen" attitude spans across her home, work, and personal life thus bringing an enormously large amount of enthusiasm and passion to Party PLANit.