Meet Sheila Cobble

Sheila has spent more than 35 years in the corporate world and is no stranger to hard work.  As a Leader in Fortune 100 companies she is Professional, Process Driven, Disciplined, and Organized.  The amount of attention that she will dedicate to your event is impressive and due to her extensive years of People Management, she will also ensure that you receive timely and thorough communications throughout your Event Life Cycle.  

Sheila's Financial Expertise, Project Management, and Organization skills will ensure transparent visibility regarding your budget and provide superb coordination of your vendors, tasks, and Event Project milestones.  Sheila is no stranger to business ownership.  She has successfully owned and operated a Real Estate and Property Management LLC for over 8 years.  

Not only does she have business acumen, but her extensive technical skills will ensure that your events and your interactions throughout the planning/budgeting process, and at the events themselves, are as technology enabled as possible.

On a Personal Note, Sheila is a mom with 3 adult children (2 of them are her Party PLANit creative partners).  These adult children have children of their own, so she is a very proud grandma (Lila as they call her).  Sheila has always been a working mom, so multi-tasking is her middle name.  Her hobbies are Traveling, Entertaining, Listening to Music, and Philanthropy.  She is a World Traveler and all of her projects have elements from her life experiences woven into them.

Sheila has a knack for identifying gifts in every individual which is why she went into business with her daughters Emanda and Christina.  Their gifts of Creativity, Attentiveness, Persistence, etc. is EXACTLY why Party PLANit exists.  Their strengths along with Sheila's, make Party PLANit's creative team a DREAM TEAM among event planners.